Retail Round-Up: Attracting Millennials with Digital Signage, and how Nordstrom is taking Instagram to the Next Level

Retailers take note: Millennials will make up 1/3 of consumers by 2020, and they’re easily bored. Digital signage is crucial for companies looking to keep their attention. (Market Wired)

Nordstrom is making shopping on Instagram possible—almost. The app itself doesn’t currently directly link to their site, but they do share links that open up in a user’s browser. Instagram has become crucial for consumer interaction, and Nordstrom’s insta-strategy is ahead of the game. (Luxury Daily)

Main street shops can thank the mobile commerce trend. When it comes to smart phones, consumers are looking for coupons that drive them to physical stores, rather than deals online. (Venture Beat)

Speaking of mobile commerce, 5 trends including mobile POS devices are slowly becoming the standard in modern retail. Despite the changing face of consumer engagement, focusing on the core product will ultimately remain the most important. (Fox Small Business)

Since the early 90’s, Chico’s stores have catered to women aged 40+ looking for colorful, affordable fashion. Despite some major financial crises, they’ve retained their target market with loyalty initiatives such as their Passport Program, and by adopting omnichannel strategies. (The Robin Report)