Retail Round-Up: Beating eCom with Stellar Service, and Empowering Your Employees

Tory Burch’s brick-and-mortar business is beating out eCommerce rivals due to their hyper-attentive service strategy, headed up by complimentary refreshments, listening intently to customer feedback, and using iPads in-store. (T-Cuento) (Image: Tory Burch)

Where are retailers’ priorities when it comes to technology? A survey of 640 LightSpeed users reveals that predictive analytics, inventory management, e-commerce, and in-store mobile device integration are key.  (Tech Vibes)

Are your employees empowered to do a little extra for customers? Granting employees leeway to delight customers or solve a problem can cause a stir of positive reviews – as we see in two examples from Red Lobster and Frontier Airlines. (Forbes)

American merchants should take note: people are spending more than ever on practical necessities this summer. Gas, bills, and groceries are leaving little room for leisurely activities and frivolous treats. (Washington Post)

Your store’s online reviews matter. A new study shows that consumers are paying close attention to online recommendations and reviews of businesses including retail stores. The ultimate recommendation, however, remains word-of-mouth. (RetailWire)