Retail Round-Up: Frank & Oak's eCom Strategy will Fuel their Physical Stores’ Growth, and More on Omni-Channel Success

Start-up retailers rooted in e-commerce, such as Frank & Oak, are seeing their nimble strategies pay off. The menswear company has just raised $15 million, and will continue to open pop-ups shops and small Frank&Oak-branded brick-and-mortar locations. (Wall Street Journal)

While “showrooming” is a concern for many retailers, they can rest assured that “web-rooming” – browsing online and then buying in store – is more popular. The trend should be an inspiring push for retailers who need to be visible on all channels with a consistent “omni-channel” approach. (The Washington Post)

Consumers are raising the bar when it comes to their expectations of Internet shopping. Retailers must absolutely deliver what they promise, or their reputation might seriously be at stake. From refund policies to the ordering lifecycles, consumers are currently unforgiving of delays and hiccups. (National Retail Federation)

The “fast fashion” trend might be starting to slow down. Some studies are showing that quality over quantity when it comes to clothing purchases is beginning to emerge. This spells good news for brands that sell high-quality items that are intended to be investment pieces, as opposed to low-quality outfits that are only worn once before being thrown out. (Wall Street Journal)

Attitudes towards conspicuous logos have changed over the past few years. As they were once symbols success, their popularity is dying off – as we’re seeing with the infamous Abercrombie&Fitch. The company will remove its logo from clothing, and will now focus on operational realities as opposed to representing what it means to be a popular teen. (Forbes)