Old Meets New: LXR & Co. uses the latest technology to sell vintage goods

Old Meets New: LXR & Co. uses the latest technology to sell vintage goods

In the brick-and-mortar world, vintage retailers are often associated with old merchandise, old décor, and old in-store technology – if there’s any at all. In Beverly Hills and at their newest location in SoHo, LXR & Co. uses the newest tech to showcase their previously owned luxury merchandise with the same modern opulence as other upscale stores.

In 2012, LXR & Co. opened its first brick-and-mortar location with world famous zip code 90210. Originally, the company was a wholesale business serving mainly flash-sale websites, but the founders knew there was a huge demand for vintage accessories in LA, and decided to meet their customers face-to-face by entering the world of physical retail as a luxury boutique. Unlike a lot of rundown-looking vintage stores, LXR & Co. looks every bit as Beverly Hills as its upscale neighbors that include Cartier, Cristofle, and Chanel to name just a few. They use their iPad point of sale to help customers find specific items, be they online or in their New York location. They have chosen to be early adopters in technology – not simply to give better service, but to keep pace with the savvy of their customers.

Old Meets New: LXR & Co
The typical LXR & Co. customer is willing to drop over $15,000 on a handbag – but not just any handbag, of course. Many are looking for a unique model from a specific year, and this dedication to the search leads them to explore every retail channel using various devices. “Whether our customers want to be technologically-savvy or not, their hunt for a specific bag attracts them to eBay, flash sale sites, e-mail lists, and into many, many stores. We have to be as resourceful as they are, and know where it is they’ve been looking so we can help find them the specific product. Having the right tools to track down what they’re looking for, be it a certain color or size, and displaying it on a tablet makes the entire experience seamless.”

They also build loyalty by collecting data from previous sales, whether they were made online or in-store, and are using Thirdshelf’s loyalty application to enable personalized offers to customers directly on their mobile devices. “We’re early adopters because we want to give the same level of service as a store such as Chanel, but still be extremely friendly and accessible. We might sell Birkins at 12-grand, but there are no daunting checkout desks, just super knowledgeable staff outfitted with tablets to make transactions easy and personal.”

The appeal of iconic Hermès Kelly bags and monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage attracts consumers of all ages, from teens in high school to adults in their eighties. Young and old, luxury vintage lovers are armed with more than just their credit cards—they’re armed with knowledge. The team at LXR&Co are not only product authentication specialists, but customer service experts as well, as they employ the latest retail innovations to help their knowledgeable clients find the timeless items they covet so much.