Shopial - Sell your products on Facebook

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  • Advertise your products on Facebook with Shopial
  • Track all your Facebook ads performances from a dashboard
  • More than 140,000 webshops are using Shopial worldwide




'Show, advertise and analyse your products on Facebook with Shopial'



Why Shopial?

We make it easy for you to connect your shop to Facebook. We believe you shouldn’t have to waste time managing two separate ecommerce platforms. With Shopial, you simply manage your current online store, and we make sure it updates seamlessly to your social media page. We give you tools for promoting it and detailed analytics about how well it is doing.


How does it work?

We sync all your existing products to a Facebook business page. You don’t need to manage two stores though. All changes made to your online shop will be reflected automatically.


Extra benefits:

Our team of engineers and developers created a way for merchants to reach more RELEVANT shoppers with our unique promotion tool. We optimize the ad for you to show you immediately where your dollar goes.

  • Increased traffic from referrals.

  • Increased brand recognition.

  • Reach more relevant traffic.

  • Free one-on-one consulting session with a marketing expert.

  • Manage only one shop. All changes will sync automatically to your facebook store.
  • Promote and track your ads.


Free installation and test with 3 products. Price plans vary.


About us 

We are a team of social commerce experts who consistently work on creating new and easier methods for eCommerce merchants to reach more shoppers. We enable and empower merchants to showcase their products directly on their Facebook and Pinterest pages with just a few simple clicks. Learn more: 



For any questions, please go to the following link to access our support team: Support