Shopial - Sell your products on Pinterest

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  • Quickly and easily add your Lightspeed shop on Pinterest.

  • Expose your products to millions more potential shoppers on Pinterest.

  • Have your products seen in the Pinterest Shop Search tool.



"The average e-commerce order placed by a Pinterest user is $179. Compare that to $80 for Facebook and $69 for Twitter. - MediaBistro"


Why Shopial?

Shopial makes it super easy to display your products on Pinterest. You manage your shop as you always did, and all changes are displayed on your Pinterest store. Purchases on Pinterest are on averages double than orders placed through Facebook. Help consumers discover your brand and checkout on your site with this e-commerce Pinterest integration.


How does it work?

We sync all your existing products to a Pinterest Board of your choice. Any changes made in your shop will show directly on Pinterest.


Additional Benefits


  • More traffic referrals

  • Improved brand recognition

  • More relevant traffic

  • Free one-on-one consulting session with a marketing expert (in English)

  • Management of only one shop that synchronizes automatically with Pinterest

About us

We are a team of Social Commerce and experts are constantly developing new and better ways to shop owners to reach more customers through social media. We ensure that merchants can display their products and advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Read here about us.



Do you have questions or comments? Contact our support team here:  Support.  Please note, support is in English.