Supreme Clothing

$25.00 / monthly
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  • Check the different InStijl Media Supreme styles GadgetsBeautyClothing and Food for inspiration
  • Features special function like countdown timer, Google maps and many more
  • Designed by Instijl Media


The “InStijl Media Supreme Theme” is a modern and varied theme with four style variations. This theme is the successor to the last theme: the “InStijl Media Theme Deluxe” which was the best shop theme of 2014. By purchasing this theme you can again make use of the DayDeal Timer to give promotional products extra attention. This theme is also the first theme with Google Maps support. Furthermore you have the choice whether you want to have your products divided in pages or that the products will be loaded automatically while you scroll down using the infinity scroll.


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Key features 


  • First hour free The customer is always in our focus. Even though it is easily to adjust this theme to own preferences we still offer the customer the first hour free of charge for any adjustments.
  • DayDeal Timer: Create a category, put products in, and with the correct settings a timer will appear next to slider that automatically will run through the products.

  • Google Maps: This is the first theme with Google Maps support, you can easily enter an address.

  • Infinity Scroll: With the Infinity Scroll the products will be automatically loaded as you scroll down so you don’t have to navigate between pages.

  • Quickly view: Here you can view important details about a product without having to navigate to the product page.

  • Quick Search: With the Quick Search results will be shown in the search bar.

  • Social Media: In the footer you will be linked to the various social media platforms.

  • Sticky Menu: No matter where you are on a page the menu will always stay at the top of the screen.

  • USPs: This theme gives you the opportunity to add four USPs directly under the header. These will also be displayed in the sidebar.

  • Alternative menu display: When you have too much menu items you can choose for the alternative menu display to create more space for your menu.

  • Highly configurable slider: The slider has three different side views.










Click here for documentation.



Would you like to receive more information about InStijl Media Supreme, its possibilities, or tailor made changes? Contact Instijl Media:


phone: +31(0)88  023 33 55

e-mail: [email protected]



Changelog Supreme 1.1

- Translations updated and improved 
- Updated to the current German legislation
- Design > Settings translation errors removed
- CSS optimized
- Optimized javascript
- Speed Test and google test conducted