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    • Theme Exclusive offers high-end design with crazy performance and possibilities. Check out our presets: Warehouse, Boutique, Design living and the Onepager and find out what you can do with this outstanding cosmopolitan theme.
    • Designed for desktop, phone and tablet. Care for design, usability, conversion and beauty
    • ‘Large’ design, never seen before in the Lightspeed themestore
    • A lot of new fancy and excellent details to provide your clients from even more convenience
    • Yotpo, Loyalty Lion, Kiyoh, Feedback & Rich Snippets
    • Great product and landingspage incl new features


    The follow-up on out first theme Conversion, is Theme Exclusive. We designed this theme with an extra eye for design. Your articles will look even more beautiful and it’s possible to work with just one page, especially for webshops with just a view products. 

    This theme will bring any shop to a next level. Care for design, visuals, graphics and mad detailed makes this theme an absolute winner. Experience it yourself! We’ve made an easy to use pre set and with our handout it’s fun to work with it.


    Key Features

    • Multiple homepage layout options with fullscreen hero imagevideo or banner sets 
    • Beautiful product page with different layout options 
    • 100% optimalisation for mobile and tablet
    • Endless design opportunities to create a design that perfectly matches your desire







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    Online documentation: Click here


    Having a hard time with the banner dimensions? We can understand that with this many options.
    Download our banner templates. All 6 different option sets are available through this link.

    Would you like to receive more information about Theme Exclusive? Discus the design options with us? Ask for the posibilities, we also offer great design packages to help you get started with Theme Exclusive.
    e-mail: [email protected]