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Kangaroo is a loyalty-marketing platform and a customer engagement solution for businesses of all types and of all sizes (in-store and commerce).  It runs on any tablet, phone or laptop.

Our Focus is to deliver a solution that works for the business owner and not the other way around. Kangaroo is simple, fits all budgets and ensures that any activity required by the business can be accomplished in less than a minute, be it a simple promotion or running a full fledge marketing campaign. Kangaroo is already helping a large number and a wide variety of businesses from grocery stores, boutiques of all sorts, hair salons, yoga studios and pet shops to coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias and juice bars.

Kangaroo offers a fully brandable solution to make it 100% your own loyalty program. Also, Kangaroo offers a white label solution and any business can build their own loyalty program and smartphone apps on its platform. Kangaroo is available worldwide and is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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