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On the doorstep of London’s much-loved food market, Borough Market, the area’s rich history and heavenly food weren’t the only things that brought us here. Scattered with many of the city’s co-working spaces and pop-up shops, London Bridge screams entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation – values at the very core of our business.

Lightspeed London is proud to offer independent businesses – the life and soul of the UK’s capital city – revolutionary retail, restaurant and e-Commerce management tools needed to turn their ambitions into a real-life success story.

Our Products

Lightspeed Retail
  • With the cloud, take your store with you anywhere in the world, on any device
  • Identify your best sellers and what products you are running out of with inventory management
  • Manage your loyalty programs and incentivise your customers to revisit your store
  • Do more with your ePOS by integrating all the business tools you need for accounting, HR and more
  • Use detailed and customisable reporting & analytics to make business-critical decisions
  • Enjoy 24/7 support and free onboarding

Lightspeed Restaurant

Our cloud-based ePOS system will help you manage staff, serve customers and monitor performance, so you can ensure your guests receive the best possible service.

  • Easy menu creation & flexible floor plan management
  • Data accessibility & accurate real-time reporting
  • Tableside ordering to speed up waiting times
  • Backup mode, allowing your business to run both online and offline
  • Manage user permissions for your staff
More Features
Lightspeed Restaurant
Lightspeed eCom

Lightspeed eCom

The e-commerce platform built for your reality.

  • Build a beautiful website that mirrors what your customers find in your store
  • Build your brand and engage with a wider audience using social media and marketing tools availalble
  • Integrate a variety of applications that help your business for accounting, HR, support and more
  • Effectively manage all ares of your brand via one centralised platform 24/7 — online, in-store and via social media
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Lightspeed was the sole providers who offered the takeaway and restaurant options combined at a sensible price.

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It all worked out as an introduction to our digital space that you find online; it's not digital and then physical — it's one.

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Absurd Bird

We wanted to create a brand that could grow into multiple locations without feeling like yet another chain on the market

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