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Who is Loyalty Grader* for?

Loyalty Grader is for passionate retailers, looking to build high value relationships with their customers. Learn when they buy, what they buy and how you can better connect.

*Powered by Thirdshelf, a Lightspeed certified partner.

What you get

A detailed report highlighting your top customer-centric opportunities to grow your business.

Top opportunities

Top opportunities

Your top opportunities are ranked by potential value and linked to immediate action you can take.

Customer segments

Customer segments

Your customer segments show you who's really driving your business and how to engage different groups.

Overall grade

Overall grade

Your Loyalty Grader gives you an idea of how you compare to other retailers based on several factors.

How it works

The Loyalty Grader analyzes the transaction history from your point of sale and eCommerce platform to produce a report. Take action today!


Loyalty Grader is "powered by Thirdshelf", who is Thirdshelf?

Thirdshelf is a Lightspeed certified partner that offers loyalty marketing software, including the Loyalty Grader business assessment.

How does Loyalty Grader access my transaction history?

In one of two ways: 1. If you are using a point-of-sale (POS) system Loyalty Grader integrates with, we connect to your POS account and automatically retrieve the transaction history with your permission.

2. If you are using a POS system that we don't integrate with, we will ask you export your transaction history and upload it to Loyalty Grader.

Are my transaction history and Loyalty Grader report kept confidential?

Yes. Thirdshelf does not share, rent, sell or disclose your transactional data or Loyalty Grader report with anyone other than you. We do give you the option to share the report with whomever you choose. For more details please read the Thirdshelf Privacy Policy and Merchant Terms.

Can you show me an example of a Loyalty Grader report?

Yes. Click here to see an example of a Loyalty Grader report.