Restaurant POS

Create a loyalty driving experience

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Customer profiles
  • Add credit to their account
  • Assign orders to their tab
  • Track a customer’s visit and payment history as well as favourite products
  • See the last reservation made by a customer
  • Assign them to tables and orders

Timed promotions

Save your staff’s time and add promotions directly into Lightspeed Restaurant POS. At the indicated time, prices will decrease and revert back to the original when it’s over. The system does it all for you.

  • Set up a promotion time
  • Enter the new pricing information
  • Let the system stop the promotion
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Timed promotions
Customer facing display (CFD)

Customer facing display (CFD)

Simplify your checkout experience and build trust with your customers by showing them their bill on a display that breaks down their order. You can also promote your best-sellers on the screen and generate more interest.

  • Show customers their bills on an iPad
  • Use the screen to promote other items
  • Customize CFD with your logo and design
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