iPad POS that is easy to use

Sell more and deliver superior customer service with an iPad POS retail system

Using an iPad point of sale system in your retail business can help set your store apart by helping you to improve customer service and make more sales. Learn how our tablet POS can help you grow your business.

Offer your customers the flexibility they need

Offer your customers the flexibility they need

Customers have come to expect certain things when they go shopping. Accepting cash, credit and debit is a must, as is offering layaways, special orders, store credits and custom gift cards. Do all this with the help of an iPad retail point of sale system! Delivering superior customer service means building a stronger, long lasting relationship with your customers.

Improve your employee's product knowledge

The more information that your staff has access to on the tablet POS, the better they’ll be able to answer customers’ questions. With an iPad retail point of sale system, your sales associates will have access to real-time inventory information, product details and recommended products. Help your staff make the most out of every customer interaction and make every single customer’s experience unique.

Add a personal touch and increase customer loyalty

You can’t put a price on a personal connection. Despite all the shopping options available, customers continue to be more loyal to retailers who create personalized customer experiences. Create customer profiles within your retail point of sale system that include purchase history, contact information and custom notes to ensure that each store visit is unique and tailored to the customer.

"Lightspeed POS is really starting to create a more intimate check-out process. When we have a big computer between us with a big desk, it doesn’t feel right."

Dakota DiSanto, Retail Director at DASH

Be as mobile as your customers

Help your staff keep up with customers using a mobile POS system. Equip them with on-the-spot interactive products, secure payments and the flexibility to use an iPad POS retail system as they walk the sales floor. Keep your tablet POS portable with the addition of a wireless cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer.

Strengthen the power of your brand

Strengthen the power of your brand

Customize your point of sale to fit your retail store’s image to build the strength of the brand. Instantly upload your logo and change your iPad or tablet background so that your sales associates offer a unique sales experience every time they show products to the customer directly on the iPad POS retail system.

Sell more with the most modern POS system on the market

Sell more with the most modern POS system on the market

Having a branded retail point of sale system at your disposal anywhere on the sales floor helps you offer a truly exceptional customer experience, which will help you sell more. Eliminate long line ups by checking customers out from anywhere in the store. Save time and answer questions on the spot by instantly accessing product information. Make changes in your store by analyzing hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports. Bring your customer service to the next level with a mobile POS system.

Take your business anywhere you want to go

An iPad POS retail system will help you take your retail business wherever you want to take it. Connect to our world-class omnichannel technology, expanding your brick-and-mortar business to new physical locations or to the online world. There are no limits to where your business can grow.

Want to see whether our retail point of sale system could help you manage your business and help you grow?