The Champion: Lightspeed

The Champion: Lightspeed

Age: Founded in 2005

Lightspeed builds end-to-end commerce solutions for retailers and restaurateurs to create better experiences for their customers by unifying point of sale, inventory management, customer management and analytics across all channels, in-store and online.

The Contender: Quickbooks POS

The Contender: Quickbooks POS

Age: Launched in 2005

Quickbooks Intuit POS is a product by Intuit Inc., a company that creates business and financial management solutions for small businesses, consumers and accounting professionals. Quickbooks POS offers two versions of their POS solution, a desktop and an iPad version which is powered through Revel. This analysis is for the desktop version.

What Lightspeed does better than QuickBooks POS

  • 24/7

    Customer support

    Starting or switching to a new POS system can be challenging and time-consuming. Lightspeed makes it easy with an interactive onboarding session to get retailers set up. Once a retailer is up and running, Lightspeed offers unlimited 24/7 technical customer support, all for no additional charge.

  • Platform options

    Lightspeed Retail is web-based and therefore can run on a Mac, PC, or a standalone iPad.

  • Grow with Lightspeed

    As your business grows, so does Lightspeed.  Lightspeed has multi-store functionality, which allows retailers to link accounts together so your inventory database, customer database and reporting can be centralized through various locations.

  • Gift cards

    Make your store a popular choice for birthdays and the holiday season by offering a gift card option for your shoppers. Lightspeed has a gift card module included in the POS, so all you need to do is to buy some custom-printed cards.

  • Third party integrations

    When it comes to 360° customer satisfaction, Lightspeed has retailers covered, offering an array of third-party integrations for targeted email marketing campaigns, loyalty program management, schedule management and much more. Lightspeed also has an open API, so if you want an integration that doesn’t exist, it’s free for developers to develop and integrate one.

  • Merchant processing choices

    Credit card processing is integral and with Lightspeed, retailers are able to shop around for the processor that works best for them. Lightspeed offers full integrations with multiple processors through third-party gateways.



Lightspeed offers the intensive inventory, purchasing and reporting capabilities that agile and growing businesses require to better understand their customers and keep them coming back for more.

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    $12 Billion

    In transactions processed by our customers annually

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    More than 250

    Certified partners worldwide and growing everyday

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    35 000 and growing

    Businesses using Lightspeed in 100 countries

  • Over 440

    Employees across seven offices all over the world

Lightspeed has been featured by:

“Lightspeed allows shop owners to create an online presence by processing sales that occur on their website and at their physical store location.”
Wall Street Journal
“Lightspeed, which differentiates itself from competitors like Square and PayPal with its back-office software, is gearing up for expansion.”

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How to increase profitability through data-driven decisions

How to increase profitability through data-driven decisions