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As a retailer, you strive to provide each customer with the best products and the best service. Whether you’re a bike shop, electronics store, jeweller...or in any other field, your products may require repairs or custom services. With Lightspeed’s Retail EPOS, you can easily track all repairs, ensuring you properly manage customer expectations and create a superior customer experience.

3 ways your EPOS software will help you manage work orders:

1. Save time by creating work orders in the system
  • View all information pertaining to any work order
  • Add important notes and details directly into the order
  • Assign employees to an entire order or to a specific aspect of the repair
  • Order any missing parts in order to complete the work order

2. Stay organized

Track your work orders closely directly in your EPOS. Within your point of sale, you can see the status of a work order; check which tasks still need to be finished and which additional parts are required. No paper or additional systems required.

  • Schedule the resources you’ll need to complete the order
  • Record the date the order came in and expected completion date
  • Adjust the status as it progresses
  • Use either one of the four preset statuses (open, estimate, waiting and finished) or create your own status and assign it a colour for quick identification
  • Complete work orders from the work order tab or while processing a sale
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2. Stay organized
3. Set the right expectations with customers

3. Set the right expectations with customers

By keeping all work order data in one centralised place, you’ll be able to find the info you need quickly and communicate clearly with your customers — offering them better service and avoiding any potential miscommunications. Set the right expectations by giving regular updates on the orders and being able to quickly pull up their full information if they call.

  • Add images to your work order to be able to show the item before and after the repair (to avoid any potential disagreements)
  • Track any dates associated with the order
  • Track employee status’ and updates
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