LightSpeed 3.8.1 includes a number of fixes and UI enhancements, including the following key items:

  • Gallery view is synchronized when scrolling or selecting an item in the list
  • Multi-keyword searches, as well as Customer email and First/Last name searches
  • Double-clicking a Gallery image now opens the document
  • Several system crashes have been resolved.

The full list of fixes is included below.

Bug Fixes


  • Invoices created through the API now inherit the default currency if no currency is specified in the request object, instead of leaving it blank


  • Dashboard will no longer crash if an invoice does not have a currency set (NOTE: any invoice with no currency set will not be included in Dashboard metrics)
  • When adding widgets in Dashboard that exceed the screen size, the scroll bar now properly appears
  • Amount column is now displayed correctly for the Top Sales by Product widget even when Products have no descriptions


  • Deleting 2 or more Web Categories no longer causes a Update Store failure with Magento
  • Web Store orders with empty State field now correctly show the Shipping and Billing address in LightSpeed


  • Colors for Notifications now align with Web Store coloring/branding
  • LightSpeed no longer hangs during the initiate payment phase if the station name is empty


  • Scanning barcodes quickly in the POS no longer causes partial or incomplete scanning
  • LightSpeed no longer crashes when Customer or Supplier card exists in foreground and POS launched from background
  • Pressing the Return key repeatedly no longer cause the POS Discount field to change values repeatedly.
  • Products with a negative value for pricing levels now display properly in the POS
  • Creating Invoices in POS now respects the language settings of the Customer
  • Users in POS are now prompted to enter terminal information in Station Setup if none is found


  • Commission Report now allows a column for Total Profit in dollar value
  • Commission Report now correctly displays Salesperson/User


  • POS/Web Categories Setup window properly renders all elements of the UI
  • Custom Field names that contain special characters will no longer crash LightSpeed upon login (NOTE: the pipe “|” character is still not supported, and no custom field will be created using that character)
  • Setup Assistant no longer allows users to skip changing the default password for the LightSpeed Administrator account
  • Saving a terminal configuration without a port number is no longer possible
  • LightSpeed client no longer crashes when returning from POS to browser after checking pricing levels
  • POS and Web Categories of Master Products are now correctly added to new size/color matrix child Products

Searching and Smart Finds

  • Product searches now return Suppliers containing empty fields correctly
  • Customer email search criteria now also includes Customer contact Email field
  • Searching for a Customer by a contact’s first and last name will now display customers matching the query
  • Creating a Product Smart Find using “Class” no longer causes a crash
  • Searching for multiple keywords now supported
  • Saving a Smart Find with a custom column order is now supported when re-opening the saved Smart Find
  • When searching in StoreMaster, users can now use the Tab key to move from the search field to the results
  • The order of appearance for the filters in Smart Finds has been updated
  • Quick Search on custom Customer fields now properly handle merged customers
  • Quick Search on custom Product fields now properly use the implicit “Product is current” or “Product inventory > 0” in search results
  • Refreshing a Product search using the Multi-Store label filter no longer produces an endless loop of error dialogs
  • Multi-Store label code now searchable

Server and System

  • Users are now displayed an error if trying to restore a backup that is invalid (or bad file version)
  • Web Store upload/download events are now being logged by LightSpeed Server log
  • Upgrading from 3.7 to 3.8.x with certain report types (null file IDs) now migrate properly
  • Existing Tracker and Smart Find output files are not overwritten during a 3.8.x upgrade, and are simply incremented via the filename if they exist already
  • LightSpeed System Preferences now show proper information on monthly packages
  • The 3.8 installer will now issue an error dialog during installation if the Backups folder does not have the correct permissions for the LightSpeed user to proceed
  • LightSpeed client crashes when a database backup is initiated and an existing Archive folder already exists
  • Trackers are now exported correctly for all users during the 3.8.x upgrade process
  • LightSpeed 3.8 client no longer refers to “Browser”


  • Clicking on a graphic in the Gallery now highlights the relevant row in the table below
  • Checkbox label in Tracker is now called “Highlight if:” to avoid confusion with Notifications (old label)
  • Adding a PO with status of “None” to Parked Items will no longer cause LightSpeed to crash or Parked Items to become unusable
  • Most Document statuses in StoreMaster are no longer displayed in uppercase
  • Scroll bars no longer disappear from the Gallery when the “Show scroll bar” option is set to Always
  • Reorder requests for Products with no Supplier information no longer cause LightSpeed to crash (they are ignored)
  • Double-clicking an image in the Gallery now correctly opens the document (Product, Supplier, Customer)
  • The resource list is now properly refreshed (e.g. creating new Invoices, receiving Inventory on a PO) even while StoreMaster is open
  • Gallery View is now properly synchronized with the Resource List when reaching the top or bottom of the list
  • Users can now drag-and-drop images from an image editing app onto the Gallery (NOTE: Customers still do not support drag-and-drop images, and the Customer card must be saved when deleting an image)
  • Removing a Customer with a Category Discount on an Invoice now correctly adjusts the Discount level (NOTE: Manual discounts applied on the Invoice are not modified when removing a Customer)
  • Tool Tips have been added to the bottom bar of StoreMaster
  • Right-clicking in the white space of a list view no longer brings up menu Items
  • Filter scrollbars now appear properly on OS X 10.6