Tax-Inclusive Pricing

  • Tax-inclusive line item selling prices are now displayed correctly
  • Editing a tax-inclusive line item sell price no longer displays an incorrect selling price
  • Tax-inclusive pricing level no longer displayed incorrectly when line item is part of a Sale Event
  • Tax-inclusive calculations now correctly select the default tax code
  • Product tax status now handled correctly

Yosemite UI Fixes

  • Global Search popover location corrected
  • Drop-down selectors are now shaded correctly
  • Windows can now be minimized as usual
  • Fixed some StoreMaster source list items displayed as white text
  • Fixed an incorrect drop shadow for some labels
  • Sale Offers no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite
  • ReportMaster categories no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite

Sales Events

  • Loading of products in “Add Product to Sale Offer” fixed for users with large databases
  • Resolved a case where discount could display “NaN” after removing customer
  • Sale Offers with 100% discount are now correctly calculated


  • Inventoried items ordered from a backorder invoice no longer display “Non Inventoried”
  • “Show Keyboard Shortcuts” no longer causes a crash in POS mode
  • Fixed intermittent crashing when dragging a photo from the web into Lightspeed