Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.13

Split bills

  • You can now revert splitting a bill by seat. Requires POS app version 3.13.
  • You can print all split bills.
  • You can combine multiple split bills.
  • In Payment view each split bill now has a number.

New features

  • Product stock is now updated in real time in the POS.
  • When you void a receipt or delete a product you can choose a reason and whether the product should be added back to the stock.
  • In Order view and Payment view there are new permissions to limit actions such as voiding and deleting to admins and managers, and require PIN login.
  • You can now use a four-digit PIN to log in faster.
  • In Order view you can now tap the time to toggle display when an order was sent to the bar or kitchen.
  • A Notification bar is added to the User Overview screen to link to release notes.
  • When you do a credit card swipe in Order view, the POS now automatically enters the Payment view and prompts for an amount.
  • The course popup now starts with Course 1.
  • Voiding iZettle payments is now supported.

Bug fix

  • Resolved an issue where invisible products were searchable.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.13

New features

Note: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated. We’re in the process of updating and target this to be completed by mid-February. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, contact Support.

  • Stock management is now compatible with the LiteServer. Requires LiteServer 4.13.

Interface improvements

  • The layout of the company settings is improved. Settings are now categorized into a logical flow.
  • If a product is linked to a customer, an icon is now displayed beside the customer.
  • In Product List view you can now easily add or subtract stock.
  • Hovering over a receipt now displays more details.
  • A Notification bar is added to the User Overview screen to link to release notes.
  • The Correction Details section of the Day Report now has Receipt ID and User columns.
  • The category CSV report now includes category type.
  • You can now disable printing free modifiers and products on receipts.
  • There is a new payment type for printing all of the receipts for a table with split receipts. Requires at least one device on Restaurant POS 3.13.


  • You can now print receipts for British Columbia with BC-specific taxes printed on the receipt. The tax profile for British Columbia is now available for food, liquor and retail.
  • Tax classes are now shown on receipt details in Restaurant Manager.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where stock was not updating correctly when using LiteServer. This is resolved for users with LiteServer 4.13.
  • PIN login is now fully available for customers with LiteServer 4.13.