Lightspeed Restaurant POS app 3.22

New features:

  • New simplified workflow for taking payment from one seat (single seat check-out), while the rest of the table continues ordering. You can view a video of this feature here.
  • New integrated payment system supported (in Belgium): Wordline Yoximo/Yomani
    • At the moment, only one terminal per iPad is supported.
  • Adding takeout and delivery notes via the API is now supported
  • New setting that allows payments and tips to be assigned to the table owner, even if payment is taken by another user

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.22

New features:

  • Customer  history: It is now possible to view and export a customer’s sales history; the information can be filtered to show only tabs or credit history.

Reporting improvements:

  • Start and end times can now be defined for default shifts in Shift reports
  • Shift settings can now be saved for use in future reports