Lightspeed Retail

As the mercury continues to rise, we are reminded of the Spring cleaning season up ahead. We are getting a head start on ours with our fix-centric release:


  • Purchase ordersWe have replaced the function to delete purchase orders with the ability to archive them instead. This change was made so that your relevant data would not be lost for certain reports with Lightspeed Reporting. CLD-12870
  • Retail POS app: Versions 2.9.0 and lower of the Lightspeed Retail POS app are being deprecated. Please visit the App Store to update your app to the latest version and fully benefit from all our continuous improvements (click here for more information).

Bug Fixes

  • Access to the eCom section: The eCom tab is accessible by employees that do not have the eCom permission enabled in their employee role. This issue is now fixed. CLD-12491
  • Inventory Change Logs report: When using the Inventory Change Logs report, selecting the Auto-only filter does not include items that were auto-added for vendor returns. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13226

Lightspeed Retail with eCom

We’ve made improvements to our omnichannel, making it feel more like a one-click integration between your Retail account and eCom store than ever before. Here are our new features and bug fixes:

New Feature

  • Top level categories: All our new omnichannel customers can now push their top level categories in Retail to eCom as top level categories instead of having them under In Store category by design. All our existing omnichannel merchants can also benefit from this feature if they delete their In Store category (click here for more information).

Bug Fixes

  • Brands and their products: When manufacturers in Retail are pushed to eCom as brands, they are not associated to their product in eCom. This issue is now fixed.EMID-1081
  • Account reactivation: When you create items in Retail while your eCom store is expired, upon reactivation, your eCom product will contain duplicate variants. This issue is now fixed. EMID-1120