Lightspeed Retail

With the official start of the new season, our spring cleaning is in full swing. Although we are always working to improve our product, no matter the season, here are the bug fixes that we’ve recently cleared out:

Bug Fixes

  • Clock entries: When entering an invalid date format in an employee clock entry, the date sets to 2012-01-01 before saving it automatically. This issue is now fixed.CLD-12731
  • Downeast Bicycles: When using the Downeast Bicycles vendor integration, the catalog is not updating with their latest products. This issue is now fixed.CLD-12818
  • MailChimp: When using the MailChimp integration, customers previously added to the mailing list are not updating. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13049
  • Duplicate items: When creating an item, holding the Enter key on certain fields results in the creation of duplicate items. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13094

Lightspeed Retail with eCom

Omnichannel is comprised of two halves that work harmoniously together to provide our users a seamless integration between their Retail and eCom stores. This release focused mostly on the eCom half but did also resolve an important bug fix that affected omnichannel as a whole. Here is the new bug fix:

Bug Fix

  • Matrix publishing limit: When a matrix’s publishing limit of 100 items is surpassed in Retail, the items are still marked as published by default. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13137