Lightspeed Retail

As the saying goes: April releases bring May releases. Here are our new enhancements and bug fixes. More to look forward to in the weeks to come!


  • Client API Access: You can now easily manage your third party integrations from the updated Settings Client API Access section. Depending on where you are within the Client API Access section, you can perform actions such as viewing and revoking clients, Refresh Tokens and API Key / Access Tokens (click here for more information).CLD-12604

Bug Fixes

  • Scanning gift cards on iPads: When scanning a gift card to check its balance, it was not working on the iPad application. This issue is now fixed. CLD-6642
  • Hawley: When using the Hawley vendor integration, purchase orders are not uploading and invoices aren’t downloading. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13488

Lightspeed Retail with eCom

The winds of change are in the air and it is no different here at Lightspeed. We have a new feature that is working towards:

  • optimizing your eCom store visibility in web search engines.
  • facilitating the organization of your products upon provisioning.

New Feature

  • Category trees: When a subcategory is assigned to a product in eCom, all their parent categories are assigned as well. By default, it is enabled in eCom for all omnichannel users (click here for more information).CAM-4010