Lightspeed Retail

Come rain or shine (mostly rain these April days), we strive towards making Lightspeed Retail a store management system that will help you run every aspect of your business. Here are the new bug fixes that will help you do just that:

Bug Fixes

  • Item images: When marking item images as the Featured Image or sorting the order in which they appear, the feature is not working consistently. This is now fixed. CLD-13221
  • J&B vendor: When using the J&B vendor integration, the catalog is not updating with their latest products. This issue is now fixed.CLD-13641

Lightspeed Retail with eCom

The change in seasons has brought about a change in our omnichannel solution. Here are the new features, enhancements and bug fixes that we’ve shipped out (some involving shipping ironically):

New Features

  • Sorting matrix variants: From your Retail account, all omnichannel merchants can now sort the order in which your matrix attributes appear in your eCom store. This synchronization is triggered whenever the matrix or its variants are updated, allowing for consistency between your Retail account and eCom store (click here for more information).EMID-966CLD-12703


  • Category trees: If you update your categories and subcategories in your Retail account, the changes will synchronize to your eCom store (click here for more information).EMID-1030
  • Pickup in store: Upon launching your eCom store, the shipping method called Pickup in Store is now automatically added to your eCom store. If selected at checkout, this shipping method also ensures that the taxes charged to your online customers are based on the location of your Retail store (click here for more information).

Bug Fixes

  • Default tax rate in eCom (Australia): When an Australian retailer launches their eCom store, their eCom store has two tax rates of 10% set as default, one of which cannot be deleted. This issue is now fixed.CAM-4220